CageWrx RZR XP4 1000 "Super Shorty" Cage Kit

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Ready-to-weld Roll Cage Kit for Polaris® XP4 1000 (4 seater)

High quality DOM steel used throughout. Main tubes are 1.75" diameter .095" thick and cross tubes are 1.25" diameter and .095" thick. Our Race Cages use all stock mounting locations. Trophy Truck inspired design provides exceptional safety for driver and co-rider. All tubes are mandrel bent and laser cut for exact fit. No grinding or other work required. Kit can be assembled and welded on chassis without the need for a separate fixture.

•Highest grade DOM steel
•Highly triangulated roll cage for added strength
•CNC machined chassis clamps (6)
•1.75" x .095" main tubes
•Tubes are laser cut and labled
•No welding fixture required
•No grinding or other fab work required
•Competent welder and welding machine, tape measure and 2 ratchet straps are all that is required
•Exceptional value for high quality RZR roll cage
•Kit can be TIG or MIG welded

What's in the box?
- 18 Laser Notched Tubes with tab and slot design for easy positioning of tubes
- 6 Billet Tube Ends (chassis clamps)
- 4 Chassis Mount Plates
- 2 Rear Door Latch Mount Plates

*Roof not included in kit. 

In order to retain stock doors, front door hinges must be removed from stock cage and re-welded to our Race Cage. Doors will retain exact stock location and fit.