Aftermarket Assassins AA Extreme Heavy Duty 2016-20 RZR Turbo & 2018-22 RS1 Primary Clutch Sliders

$ 71.99
$ 71.99
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  • Sliders fit 2016-2020 RZR XPT/Turbo S & 2018-22 RS1 Models
  • These custom molded AA primary sliders have a thicker bridge to add strength to the slider.  This keeps them from breaking which is a well known issue with the thinner bridge OEM sliders.
  • Anti-friction ridges are put on the sliding surface to decrease clutch/belt temperatures and make the clutch actuate quicker/smoother under load.  
  • These are wearable items we found best to replace every 1500-2500 miles depending on use, dust conditions, and maintenance habits.
  • Highest quality material possible infused with teflon for added lubricity
  • Must have for your RZR turbo or RS1 for longevity
  • Set of 3 sliders included
  • Part number: 108-1043