Aftermarket Assassins RZR XP Turbo Snap Ring Delete Kit

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  • If you are sick of dealing with the snap ring on your 2016-18 secondary clutch, we have the fix!  The factory uses a snap ring to set belt deflection (tension) and that has proven to be inconsistent, has no adjustment, and are known to pop off causing major belt issues.  Not to mention the snap rings are easily damaged when removing, and can leave you waiting for parts.  Anyone installing a clutch kit should grab one of these kits.
  • Do you have a 2019+ model?  If so, Polaris deleted the snap ring and gave you a 1 piece washer to hold everything on the shaft.  We've seen this make it easier for the bolt to back off causing major damage, and you cannot set your belt deflection (tension).  We've also seen many 2019+ models very tight on belt deflection, making them hard to shift.  This kit will fix those issues as well.
  • This snap ring delete kit allows you to adjust belt deflection on 2016-20 RZR XP Turbo & 2018-22 RZR RS1 models  **Does NOT fit 2021 Turbo models or 2020-Up Pro XP/Turbo R models**
  • Kit comes with 1 bolt washer, 2 thick shims and 2 thin shim plus instructions for setup
  • Shims make up the space over the transmission input shaft to set how far the clutch halves are spread apart
  • Most will use the two big shims only, but fine tuning can be done with the smaller shims if needed
  • The idea is to set your belt deflection as tight as possible without the secondary spinning (or just a little spin) and not being hard to shift from park to gear
  • No more failing clips for 2016-18 models which make your belt deflection very loose causing poor performance and belt slip
  • Easier removal and installation of the secondary clutch when making adjustments
  • Fixes tight belt issues that some have from the factory
  • Helps when putting the 2017+ belt on the 2016 models, or installing aftermarket belts
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part Number 108-1008