Assault Industries Lexan Color Inserts [For B2 Bomber Side Mirrors]

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$ 19.99
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  • Fits B2 Bomber side mirrors and Nighthawk LED Side mirrors
  • Lexan acrylic material
  • Perfect fit
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy installation
  • Looks great
  • Made in the USA

Assault Industries industries Lexan acrylic bezel inserts for B2 Bomber side mirrors are a fast and easy way to customize the look of your mirrors and coordinate with the color scheme of the vehicle without the need to powder coat. This budget friendly solution looks great with the added contrast of color bezels.

These easy-to-install inserts come in 10 vibrant glossy colors!

Note: Side Mirrors and bezels sold separately.


(2) Lexan Inserts
Hex Key