Dragonfire Racing Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount

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      It’s always smart to have a fire extinguisher on your UTV, but if it’s not easily accessible it doesn’t do you much good. With the Dragonfire Racing Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount you’ll have a dedicated, secure place to keep your extinguisher well within reach.

      With a quality aluminum construction and single pin release, the Quick Release’s design has been torture tested by Dragonfire themselves to make sure your mount always functions properly with the adjustable clamps always holding your extinguisher securely. The mount itself is sized for 2.5 pound extinguishers with a 3" diameter.

      Make sure your safety gear is accessible when the pressures on. Get the Dragonfire Racing Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount for your UTV.

  • Quick release billet fire extinguisher mount allows you to carry a fire extinguisher with style and functionality
  • The adjustable clamp set-up allows for you to mount this important piece of equipment on nearly any size cage
  • The 1 pull-pin design means you will have quick and easy access even when the pressure is on
  • Legal for racing; great for playing, don’t go riding without one
  • Uses 2.5 pound fire extinguisher size
  • Torture tested to withstand off road abuse
  • Designed for 3" diameter extinguishers
  • NOTE: Does not include Fire Extinguisher