Polaris RZR oil change kit NA XP1000 RANGER AND MISC

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$ 69.99
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The first thing we recommend you do to your RZR is switch out the crappy Polaris oil.

-3L Maxima 10W-50 engine oil

- 1 profilter oil filter with wrench removal nut

- 1 drain plug crush washer 


Our take:
The oil that comes in your RZR is junk. Yes we said junk. If your pour it and watch you will see it is very watery. We typically do not recommend running oils other than what the manufacturer recommends but Polaris oil is the exception and many learned this the hard way. The problem we see first is in the valvetrain. The camshaft will wear through the shim bucket and cause massive failure. Polaris themselves has come out with heavier duty buckets to help aid with this problem but it is a band-aid. Polaris has also come out with a extreme oil we assume due to the problems with there regular oil. We made the switch to Maxima oil in 2012 and immediately saw the benefits. No more problems. We will now never again use Polaris engine oil. On that note we only use OEM Polaris oils in every other part of the RZR (diffs, and transmission). So why would Polaris use such a poor oil? Our guess is to help meet new stricter emissions standards.

About Maxima oil:
Why do we use Maxima Synblend.
The Maxima Synblend offers great quality oils and unlike automotive oils it is not EPA friendly and for use only for off-road/racing use only. It offers a very high zinc content which is a anti wear additive and also offers great cleaning properties. This is important as everyday we see these engine consuming dirt even with the best filtration systems. Your best line of defense against this is to change your oil often with good oil. Since we change the oil often full synthetic oil is not recommended as its extended life is not an issue. We have used this oil for 5 consecutive years in the SCORE series (1750 miles of grueling desert racing a year). We have won all 5 years with zero failures. We trust this oil and only this oil in all of our race vehicles.