Safeglo Whips: Chameleon Fiber Optic Remote Control Color Changing Whip

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The most advanced whip on the market!! Nothing even comes close!! Our all new Chameleon fiber optic color changing wireless whip. This whip is incredible and has been engineered and manufactured here in the states. It boasts top quality workmanship and uses software to program the color changing effect. Be the first to have one in your camp!!

Push program button to transition through 4 colors then push –again to transition through 7 colors
Speed up and slow down color show
Push program button to Lock on color
What you get:
Whip 4ft or 6ft.
Control box
Remote control
Quick mount

Color Show List

Slow rainbow color wash
Slow color wash different pattern
Strobe effect transitioning through 7 colors
Lock on a colors- Red, Blue, Green, Cyan.
Solid color White”
Solid color Red
Solid color Green
Solid color Cyan
Solid color Pink
Solid color Purple
Solid color Blue
Returns to show #1


So smart that when you power down and power back up the whip will remember the mode you were on.


Aluminum base with a steel threaded shaft
Poly carbonate pole – Lexan
50,000 hour rated led
Top of the line fiber optic tubing
Only 500 miliamps