STI HD5 Beadlock Wheel

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      Do your rims give you everything you want? Don’t settle for less than awesome. Put a set of STI HD5 Beadlock Wheels on your machine for style, performance, and security. It’s easy to see the HD5 Beadlock has the looks. What you may not see is just how tough this wheel really is.

      The HD5 Beadlock’s inner bead lip has been heavily reinforced, the beadlock hardware has been strengthened, and the wheels themselves have a 1000 pound load capacity each. Plenty for even the heaviest UTVs. And that’s not even considering how much confidence you can have in the beadlock design as opposed to a conventional rim. Still not enough? Several color options are available for both the beadlock ring and full-coverage center cap. Mix and match and you’ll stand out, no doubt.

  • Beadlock design provides incredible security for your bead
  • Newly designed styling for full-coverage center cap
  • Strengthened beadlock ring bolts
  • Utilizes a thicker, stronger rock crusher lip on inner bead lip
  • Inner bead lip has been dramatically strengthened
  • Several colors available for center cap and beadlock rings. Can be mixed and matched
  • 1000 pound load capacity for each rim handles even the heaviest machines