Ultimate Camp Locator

Ultimate Camp Locator

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Product Description

Ultimate Edition XL Remote Control Camp Locator – This is our newest camp locator just released 6-11-12 after months of testing.

It features Color changing and led chasing technology at a push of a button. It’s also 10″ longer than our other locators which means better visibility.

The ultimate and Most Innovative Camp Locator on the market!!

Led Camp Locator – Ever had problems locating your camp site after those evening rides or just want to be seen? Our new camp locator fits on the top of your telescopic flag pole and is very easy to install and can be seen for miles.


38″ long
Low current draw – About 700 milliamps
Expected LED life span to 100,000 hours
High range visibility
Lexan tubing

Everything you get:

REMOTE CONTROL – Has an approximate range of 50′ to 75′
50′ wire to connect to your 12 v source.

LED chasing technology – It strobes through 7 different colors as it chases.
Strobes through 7 different colors.
Modes and Colors
Push program button to Strobe transitioning through 4 colors then push again to transition through 7 colors
Push button again and it will give you a fade in and out color show

Speed up and slow down color show
Push program button to Lock on color

Solid color white
Solid color Red
Solid color Green
Solid color Cyan
Solid color Pink
Solid color Purple
Solid color Blue


So smart that when you turn your power off and power back up the locator will remember the mode or color you were on.