UTV EXTREME TURBO Dune Package (2 Seat 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo)

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This is package not for the faint of heart or someone new to the Polaris Turbo.  It is EXTREME!  It replaces your weak factory roll cage, seats, seat belts, wheels, tires, front headlights, exhaust and your stock ECU (Engine Control Unit). Each tune is customized with fueling corrections for intakes, exhausts, etc. This makes your XP Turbo a completely new animal.  And with that new speed and power, we have upgraded the safety of your XP Turbo.  Premium seats, 5 point harnesses and a roll cage designed/built by CageWRX. What good is all of that new power if you can't get traction? So we have also included the new Skat Trak 30" 10 paddles tires for the rear and 30" Smooth buffed tires on the AWESOME Method Beadlock 406 Wheels.  And to top it off, we have added the Baja Designs Pro Series Stock Headlight replacement kit.  THESE THINGS ARE BRIGHT!  Everyone needs to see at night while riding and the put those cheap Chinese knock off led lights to SHAME!!!  You'll be able to keep your foot in the throttle at night and be comfortable while passing your friends cause they can't see! Lastly, we throw in a spare drive belt by Gates.  It is a Gates G-Force C12 CVT Drive Belt.

1-CageWRX Race Cage Assembled (Power Coated Black)

1-CageWRX Aluminum Roof (Powder Coated Red, Blue, Black or White)

1-Hard Core Tuners Stage 3 New OEM ECU (+35 Rear Wheel Horsepower on 93 Octane fuel)

  • Replaces Stock ECU with a brand new OEM TUNED ECU
  • Simple Plug and Play
  • +35 Wheel Horsepower Increase

1-Trinity Racing Stage 5 Slip On Exhaust (choose black powder coat or brushed aluminum finish)

2-PRP 5.3x2 Harnesses (5 point, 3″ lap belts with 2″ shoulder belts safety harness)

  • Includes Dragon Fire Harness Override Clip

2-PRP GT/S.E. Premium Seats (choose color)

2-6' LED Safe Glow Whips, includes quick release mounts (Choose Color)

  • Includes Quick Release Mounts

2-Method Race Wheels 406 Beadlock Wheels 14x8 4.0 + 4.0 Satin Black

2-Method Race Wheels 406 Beadlock Wheels 14x10 5.0+5.0 Satin Black


  • Includes 16 Lug Nuts

2-Skat~Trak Smooth Buff Tire 30x13-14

2-Skat~Trak Extreme Grip Tire 30x13-14 (10 Paddle)

1-Baja Designs Polaris, RZR XP1000 Headlight Kit "Pro" (2014-On)

  • Replaces Stock Head Lights 
  • 19,600 TOTAL LUMENS
  • The need for front bumper lighting or roof mounted light bars are a thing of the past
  • (2) Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets
  • (2) Plug & Play Adapters

  • All Necessary Hardware

  • (2) Squadron Pro Combo


    (2) Squadron Pro Spot

1-Gates G-Force C12 CVT Carbon Drive Belt

If you bought ALL of these items separately, you would spend well over $8,000.00

We are offering this EXTREME PACKAGE at an incredible price of $6999.99!!!