CageWRX Yamaha YXZ 1000R SUPER SHORTY Cage Kit

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Ready-to-weld Roll Cage Kit for Yamaha® YXZ1000R

Laid back design provides a significantly better looking cage in a clean, strong design. Our Super Shorty roll cage utilizes a very slight radius roof line that is overall lower than the stock cage. All tubes are DOM steel,mandrel bent and laser cut for exact fit. Tube junctions are keyed to aid in the assembly. All six stock mounting locations are used and all four chassis clamps are included. No grinding or other work required. Kit can be assembled and welded on chassis without the need for a separate fixture. Everything needed to replace the stock roll cage is provided. Kit must be assembled and welded by a competent fabricator. Our Super Shorty Roof kit for the YXZ100R is designed to match perfectly with this cage.

What's in the box?
12 Laser notched DOM steel tubes with tab and slot design for easy positioning of tubes
4 Billet tube ends (chassis clamps or bungs)
2 whip or accessory mounts